As Above so Below

Above the Crown there is another Root

"Do what thou wilt"

This Aeon ever doth grow the majesty of the great tapestry of Maya

Science shall be the Bridge-of-Swords, the catalyst through which we shall sculpt ever more complex and intricate stories out of the darkness

The ecstasy is the unveiling

(Source: jumbi)

Dark Psychedelic Romance

Dark Psychedelic Romance is the Orchestration of an Inner Cosmos

Yearning for that Soul-Manifesting Energy which is in Everyone

IS Everywhere IS Everything IN Everything and CREATES Everything

The infinite endless abundance of Love that welcomes you with open arms into existence and asks for absolutely nothing in return

Sleeping in a lotus, Visions in a dream, Ocean of Essence, Eternal

Sleeping in a lotus, Visions in a dream, Ocean of Essence, Eternal

The vision in the dream is of the sleeping in a lotus, life, the blooming of consciousness which is a sensation of the ocean of essence, eternal.

The lotus is the cosmic fabrication, an expression of the ocean of essence experiencing visions in a dream for eternity.  

The ocean of essence is the harmony of unity, the joy of love, and the pain of the illusion of separation, the visions in a dream, the sleeping in a lotus and also eternity.

Duality, The warring of opposites

Fullness and emptiness

Living and dead

Difference and sameness

The One and the many

Light and dark are in and of themselves

The abundance of unity with emptiness,

Love and love’s murder,

Brightest day and darkest night

Delight of the earth and cruelty of the heavens. 


In every direction there is Infinite

Distinction is writ in the Mind

The Universe is One

But you are fortunate in that you may slice it in any way you like

Loose yourself and find yourself again

Dwindle for some time,

Then vanish entirely

The Devil is in the Details

From Nothing

Silent empty darkness

The Universe’s celestial ocean

Where the germs of all living things

Lay dormant behind veil’s of potentiality,

The depths from which all was brought forth

From eternal realms

Before form,

Earth, clouds, sea

Nor even slightest grain of dust

In the kingdom of heaven

Primordial remembrance 

Eternity’s embrace

Phoenix’s rebirth

"I enter into the Realm-of-Creation to work my Will upon the Universe"

Without Beginning, and Without End,

A Metaphysical Entity of Selfhood

Held within a Chrysalis of Flesh and Matter;

Weeps inside a Castle of Illusion

Until an Existentialist’s ‘Leap of Faith’

Into the Very Heart of the Infinitely Expanding Spatial-Temporal-Cosmic-Fabrication

of Infinite Nothingness

Awakens The Soul to the

Blossoming of Consciousness

With Happiness and Terror

I Proclaim:

I have Come into Being!

Awhile, as wont may be,

Self I did claim:

True self I did not see

But heard its name.

I, being self-confined,

Self did not merit,

Till, leaving self behind,

Did self Inherent

Potentiality vs. Actuality

"No words could be spoken without there first being the possibility of words,

No melodies could be written that weren’t there already to be written,

No mountain could be climbed if the potential of climbing hadn’t already existed in the human body”

Even you, your body, your thoughts, all your experiences, existed first within the realm of divine potentiality before ever becoming 'real'

we being the multi-dimensional beings that we are

have traveled this path before and keep it close to our hearts


is apart of our everyday experience

I am

people, places and trees

and yes even the empty space between

Manifestation of Perfection

manifestation of perfection

pure and bright as the energy of the flower I fell in love with

on that moonlight night so very long ago

full of wonder and reflection

omnipotent like space

like the feeling of staring into the vast empty sky

the dew and the moon

the stars and the streams

the snow on the pines

the clouds hovering to the mountain peaks

from dark void

infinite wonder permeates serenity

ohh look! 

a billion tears of joy and suffering

form a hundred rivers flow

in tumbling torrents

to the vast ocean